A Complete Guide On Android Cast Screen To TV Without Chromecast

There happens to occur various situations where you are watching movies on your phones or on your laptops, and silently wish how wonderful it would be if you were able to watch them on your TV sets.

This feeling also seeps inside when you are to give a presentation and the size of your mobile screen is just not enough.

As we know that this ongoing era is an era of smartphone tv. So Thankfully, there are solutions for problems where you could actually witness the Android screen on your televisions too, which tends to offer a bigger display screen than your usual laptops or phones. 

The best solution for you to see your movies or series on a bigger screen is the application of Chromecast which has become one of the most famous devices because of its easiness in the application as well as consists of some great or amazing features.

While Chromecast is the best option, yet there exist various other options too so as to view your things on a bigger screen. Here is a guide that makes you come across all the other alternatives that could prove just the most useful methods.

Before jumping on that, let us first understand what actually casting is. In the most simple of terms, casting is defined as mirroring the display of your Android phone on any other screen, which in this context is a television.

Best Ways To Android Cast Screen To TV Without Chromecast

here are some of the best ways by which you can android cast screen to tv without Chromecast to see all your favorite movies. You can use various distinct apps and photos from your phone to the TV.

1. Native Casting

If your phone is of the Android version of 4.2 or ahead, you can easily cast the screen of your device on the TV without the assistance of any of the outside or external devices or of the Chromecast.

Just a reminder, don’t forget to check if your TV comes provided with Miracast or not. Miracast is a wireless standard that provides a secure as well as a better connection or link between your TV and the phone and that too without the use of an Internet connection. And what would be better than having your Android phone and TV from the identical manufacturer?

This characteristic of screencast could easily be found on your phone’s tray of Quick Settings. Mentioned below are the steps that you are required to follow so as to get access to this feature.

  • Visit the Tray of Quick Settings: You are required to open your drawer of notification by swiping down on your device. You need to swipe in the downward direction for a second time and you will come across the buttons of Quick Settings.

Now look out for the feature of screen cast. This feature holds different names in different devices, for instance it is referred to as or mentioned as Smart View in the phone Samsung Galaxy.

  • Look Out For Your Smart Television: Once you have enabled the feature, you will tend to see the list of all those devices that are compatible with the Android phone. In case you don’t see any, do check your wifi connection and ensure that both of your devices are connected to the same network.

Now, when the list of devices is mentioned, you need to select the option of Smart TV and after an interval of a few seconds, you will witness that your television starts to mirror the display of your Android phone.

  • Now You Are Ready To Enjoy It: You will now receive a message that will show up in the tray of your notification which will indicate that your device is casting a screen. When you are done with mirroring your device, you can turn off this particular feature via this notification.

With the help of Miracast, your television can easily mirror the display of your Android device and can sound in all its glory of HD and other amazing features. But for a reminder, do not forget that it cannot pick up videos directly from the web on its own. So, your phone needs to be switched on during all of this time, which may just not be the best thing when it comes to the usage of battery and charge.

2. Casting The Apps

  • In case you face issues with the method of native casting, you are always left with the choice of opting for the apps that make the whole process of mirroring the screen of your phone with that of the TV possible. 
  • There are various apps that you can download on your device for this purpose. While some of these apps are paid, there are various that are free of cost. Just for a reminder, you need to install these apps, both on your phone as well as on the television.

3. The Streaming Devices

Apart from the chrome casting apps, there are many streaming devices of media that are able to successfully bring your Android into your living room. You can easily plug the device into your voila and TV and you are free to access any of the content as per your wish and will. This option is also compatible with the ones who don’t have a smart TV. 

The streaming devices are very helpful in the android cast screen to tv without chromecast process. Thus mentioned below are some of the streaming methods that you can go for so as to get your favorite content on the TV.

  • The Streaming Stick of Roku:  Considered as the pioneer in the context of streaming devices, Roku tends to offer an easy method for the viewers so as to enable them to see the screen of Android on an even larger screen.  The stick in itself features the options of a screen that consists of built-in mirroring and all that you are required to do is enable this particular option.

4. Casting With The Help Of Adapter

You could also cast from your phone to the television with the help of HDMI adapter if your phone is equipped with a USB C port. The only requirement is that your device needs to be compatible with the mod of HDMI Alt so as to enable the phone to dispatch the videos across.

5. Mirroring Of Screen For Sony Bravia 

If you own a wifi connection, you can easily mirror the screen from your phone to the television of Sony Bravia. You are required to follow the listed steps.

  • Press the Home button on your remote and select the option of settings.
  • Set up Wi-Fi by visiting system settings and then activate Wi-Fi direct as well as Built-in-Wi-Fi.
  • You will be taken to the settings of Wi-Fi direct as soon as you activate Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Now click on the option of Other Method.
  • You will now receive a key of WPA on the TV. Visit Settings and activate Wi-Fi. Your smartphone will now show the TV’s Wi-Fi which you are required to proceed so as to enter. Enter the WPA key on your phone now.
  • Accept the permission to register and your TV will now show that it has formed a connection.
  • Tap the key of return on your remote and proceed back to your settings of Wi-Fi and forget the one you created a network with the TV.
  • Visit the option of screen mirroring by remote. Click the option of screen mirroring and you will see the model of your TV. You need to permit your phone to connect with TV.
  • Once you are done with this it will take some seconds for your phone to screenmirror on the TV.

6. Mirroring Samsung Phone On Smart Tv Of LG

The perfect match in terms of screen casting; follow the steps.

  • Tap the button of ‘Source’ on your remote and select the option of screen mirroring and your television will wait for your phone to be connected.
  • Visit the option of Settings on your Samsung Android device.
  • Now, visit Connect and Share option and switch on Screen Mirroring.

This is it. By following the above steps you can cast android to smart tv. Your TV of LG will start mirroring and stream whatever that you wish to see.

A Quick Summary To Cast Screen

  1. Before doing anything, do ensure that your phone and the TV, both are connected to identical wireless networks. Now you need to plug in your stick on the television of yours.
  2. You now have to visit the Home Page, find the option of Settings, and then tap on it. After clicking on Settings, you need to visit the page of Systems and navigate your way to the option of Screen Mirroring. In the option Screen Mirroring, you can now choose any option as per your choice.
  3. Now, in order to enable the option of casting on the phone of yours, you just have to follow those steps that have already been mentioned in the method of Native Casting.
  • The Fire Stick of Amazon: Although the latest 3rd generation of this TV Stick 4K no longer works with the mirroring of the native screen & it can show a message as your device isn’t compatible with this version, you are still good to go for this option or choice if you have access to the ones of the previous generations.


While the screens of the phones are getting bigger and better with every new version coming up in the market, the benefits and enjoyment of watching all of your favorite series, movies on a bigger screen is still prevalent and the love for bigger screens shall never end. Also, there is less hassle in android Cast Screen To TV Without Chromecast. Moreover you don’t need to worry about chromecast cant connect to wifi issue anymore.

The processes or methods of casting and mirroring of screens can make your wish true of enjoying screening on your TV as long as you own the right pair of devices with yourself. 

While Chromecast is definitely a bigger player in this field of mirroring the display of your Android phone on the television, now you are aware of the other various distinct methods via which you could enjoy the view on a larger screen. 

And in case, none of the above discussed methods work perfectly for you, you always have the last choice in your bag of connecting your phone to the television with the help of the better ‘ol cables. 

So, sit back and explore all the methods and see which one exactly works for you and enjoy the big screen watch.

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