The Best Of CamelCamelCamel Alternatives

Camelcamelcamel, a web-based app or a platform enables the users to opt for an easy method for the purpose of tracking the prices of their favorite of products on Amazon.  

Moreover, it also provides a space where you can study the price charts of the various products and can be used on different platforms such as Firefox, Chrome and many more.

While the app is very comfortable and easy to use, you are required to add an add-on into the browser that you use, or else you need to opt for the choice of subscribing to it through your e-mail id that is verified so as to receive the notifications. The other good thing about this app is that it could be used anywhere and at any time.

The app also consists of various interesting features such as alerts or notifications regarding the drop in the prices of the various products, availability of your favorite products in the store, amazing product search, and many more.

Name of the WebsiteCamelCamelCamel
Site TypeFor tracking prices of products, for shopping lovers
Best forShopping

14 Awesome CamelCamelCamel Alternatives

While this one has made a mark for itself, there have been various apps too which have not become the alternatives for the Camel Camel Camel. Here is a look at the 14 other Camel Camel Camel alternatives.

1. Assortify

A web-based app, Assortify enables you to find those products in a quick manner that are gaining popularity and whose demands are high in the market.  Additionally, it also helps to find the ones that have the possibility of giving the highest profits to you and price them competitively.

This web based app is made majorly for the sellers of e-commerce who don’t get the right access to the new scenario and trends of the ongoing market.  Moreover, they are also provided with various types of tools of marketing which will enable them to properly promote their products, thereby increasing their reach and customers. 


2. Wishlist Manager

A leading tracker of products of wish lists for Amazon, the Wishlist Manager enables you to keep a track of products and get information or an alert as soon as there are cases of a drop in the prices. 

The good part of this app is that it is available for free, although it could be run only on the platform of Microsoft Windows. 


3. Fetchee

Fetchee too is a leading application for wish list and tracking of prices. It collaborates with the shopping marts and stores all over the world. Moreover, it also enables you to save all the products which you love by just adding these products to the wish list of Fetchee. 

Once you have this app on your device, be it a computer or a phone, you will automatically get all the alerts and information regarding the drops in the prices and your favourite coupons too directly in your inbox. 

In addition to all of this, the app also offers a system of recommendation that suggests or recommends all of your favourite and loved products at the most suitable of prices.


4. Pricepin

This app allows you to pin the products of your choice from any of the websites of e-commerce and also notifies you with an alert regarding the drop in the prices of these products. Moreover, the best part is that it could be used on all the platforms and is free to use. 

It is one of the leading applications in terms of tracking of the prices of the products and hence, enables you to keep a track on your favourite things. 

In addition, the Pricepin also allows you to monitor the different products with the help of charts of real-time and lets you observe the process of the development of prices over a period of time.


5. Pricesnoop

An all in one application of Amazon for the purpose of price tracking, the Pricesnoop is available only for a few platforms, like Windows and Linux. It is a free app and enables you to pin the products. It enables you to navigate your way between two of your products with just clicking once.

Moreover, it just may prove to be the best app that enables you to not only save money and also get the finest deals when you shop on the Amazon.


6. 6PAQ

An app created by Odon Adam, the 6paq is a world leading tracking application for the products of Amazon. The app is created especially for the ones who love to shop and wish to get their favourite products at the lowest of prices. Just like the other alternatives, the 6paq also allows getting notified regarding the drop in the prices of the products and tracking the various products too.

Moreover, you could also see a wide range of products, their summaries and their reviews too.


7. Trendliker

Trendliker might just be the best thing if you are looking for an app which acts as the price tracker on Amazon, helps you in social discovery and a gift inspired app. 

This app is a free to use web based app which enables you to find some of the most amazing products in the Amazon and also notifies you once your favourite products are out for the purpose of sale.

Through this app, you can also find amazing products on Amazon and can form your very own personal collection of the products you wish to buy, and get automatically notified as soon as the prices of these products fall down.


8. Fiveandtena

It is a free app that enables you to keep a check on the change in process of your favourite products of Amazon.  It can be used on various platforms; on android, windows and can be accessed by you anywhere in this world.

The app tends to work as a website for e-commerce and also offers a huge collection.


9. Pricebent.Com

It is the best one to calculate and track Amazon pricing. This application will show the comparison graphs for all Amazon Price. The application has all over more than 60 million products in the US region.

 It allows you to track and compare different Amazon products without any limitation. It is user friendly and it gives you an alert whenever the price drops.


10. Lootr.Com

It is an all around app which provides you the track of all Amazon products and saves you from paying full price! It offers many new functions and services. It also allows you to compare your products with other companies and presents you with a comparing graph containing all the information. It does not require any sort of payment, it is all free to use. To enjoy this, you can sign up with your Amazon account as well.



It is a web platform which offers you the lowest price of the product for your convenience. It is just a small search request and it’ll help you surf through eBay and Amazon all over! It is one of the best alternatives to Camel Camel Camel. It offers new and interesting features to attract the audience all across the world. The app also allows you to create or import your wish list.


12. Price Tracker For Amazon

It is one of the best platforms which allows you to browse freely across all platforms so as to get you the best & lowest amazon price. It has a unique tracking list in which you can add your products which can track automatically and the app will inform you about the lowest price with an alert. It has in built features to apply filters such as, popularity, pricing etc. It keeps on tracking of amazon so as to notify you at a right time to buy your favorite items.


13. Bargain Seek

It is an Amazon price tracking website which allows you to track price and it’ll give you a notification whenever the price will drop. It is free of cost and totally web based. It can easily be accessed by any device across the world. It’ll allow you to minutely track the price of all Amazon products giving you an alert whenever it’ll hit your target price. It has a unique advanced search bar as well!


14. Savelist

An application to discover, organize and shop the products, the Savelist enables you to save your favourite products and shop them on an app. It allows you to track the prices and keep a check on the change in their prices of your favourite of the products. In addition to all of this, it is also helpful in creating and also importing your wish list and sharing it with your friends too. It could be used on all of the platforms and can be used by sitting in any part of the world.


Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. What is the quickest method to create a price watch?

A1. You are required to follow some simple steps to create a price watch.
1. Find your favourite product on Amazon and just copy the URL.
2. Visit Camelcamelcamel and then paste the same URL which you copied in the previous step and then press the ENTER button.
3. The next page that you visit, you need to move the pointer of your mouse to the icon of the price tag that could be found next to the type of price you are interested about and then tap on the link on a window that opens. And then tap on the option of START TRACKING that you could see on that exact row.

Q2. What does the term Re-pricing mean?

A2. The re-pricing characteristic assists you in searching and updating those price watches of yours that show prices that are extremely low.


We can conclude from the above alternatives that with increase in the popularity of e-commerce in the world, we require platforms that inform or notify us regarding the availability of our favourite products in the store and the change in their prices over a period of time, so as to notify us the perfect or the best time to buy our favourite of the products.

The right price tracker will alert you on time so that we can enjoy the best products at the lowest or minimum prices. Do check out the sites Camel Camel Camel alternatives Assortify, Pricepin, Fetchee, Wishlist Manager & many more that are mentioned above for getting the best deals!

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