Create Your Own Artistic Designdoll


Technology is increasing day by day. With the rapid increase in technology, great advantages have been discovered. So, we are here with a new application called DesignDoll. This Designdoll is a great platform that enables you to doll design which means you can transform the body into a 3D form. This is a great solution … Read more

Want To Know How To Stop Skype From Starting Automatically On Windows 10?

how to stop skype from starting automatically on windows 10

We all are aware of Skype which is a great application. As we every coin has two sides, Similarly we all know great things do have some demerits. For eg., if we talk about the messaging app whatapp, people generally complain about how to tell if someone blocked you on whatsapp. They don’t know how … Read more

Your Device Isn’t Compatible With Your Version: Error Solved

Your Device Isn't Compatible With Your Version

We all have the issue or have received notification of your device isn’t compatible with this version of the device. And it confuses us as we aren’t really into looking for the reasons behind this issue nor are we really aware of the solutions so as to get rid of such issues. In this article, … Read more