Survival Guide For How To Get Out Of A Group Text Android?

how to get out of a group text android

Messages and texting have become a day-to-day activity and have become a way of communication through these phones. But at times having various groups and messages on the messaging app could lead to disturbance and irritation. Hence there is an option of muting or deleting these groups and their messages, so as to have a … Read more

Learn How To Create A Group Text On iPhone?

how to create a group text on iphone

The groups of iMessages are an important component of the iOS devices, whereby the users are enabled to communicate with one another and share in formations, perform various other functions in the group, or even exit these groups. To create group text in your devices, you need to be informed about the technology and the … Read more

Explore How to Send a Picture in a Text Message on Android?

How to Send a Picture in a Text Message on Android

We all love to share our photos and the happy pictures with our friends, families and other loved and close ones. To send the pictures to them, we can use many different ways on our android phones. With the coming up of phones and various other applications, it has become easier to share our pictures … Read more

Rectify The Issue On How To Get Mail App Back On iPhone?

How To Get Mail App Back On iPhone

Are you an iPhone lover? Every user has a treasure stored inside the mail app for iphone. It is a treasure for all the necessary information, contacts as well as data. You must’ve noticed sometimes the mail icon on iphone not working or the mail app disappears and it becomes really difficult to find it … Read more