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Technology is increasing day by day. With the rapid increase in technology, great advantages have been discovered. So, we are here with a new application called DesignDoll. This Designdoll is a great platform that enables you to doll design which means you can transform the body into a 3D form. This is a great solution for the next –generation providing them with the facilities like major tools and other extra features which make it easier for all the other artists to design doll. It also helps you to create and design different postures for drawing poser as demanded by the artists.

This is mainly working on the requests made by its customers. It provides you only that tools and features that are helpful for you. The best part of this is that it uses a blending process which means the sizes are designed in such a way that it can be reused in another model from head to other body parts. 

This software is similar to much other software that provides you with various body shapes and models and many other 3D models that are related to it.  The best thing about this is we can send it to our clients so that you can ask their opinion at that time only.

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Alternatives Of DesignDoll

1. Blender

This is a well-known application that is used for animation and designing purposes. It is an open-source used by students, researchers, VFX experts, and many other artists. This application is free of cost and can be used by anyone.

This application is very simple yet effective. It offers a huge variety of new features and tools that will help the users to invent their imagination without any limits.

The best thing about blenders is it will never cost any charge to you. your creation will be yours and will be yours without taking charge of it. It not only allows you to blend but you can cover a variety of things here like discovering your artworks or any other creativity then whatever it may be. Blender allows you to perform what you like.

Official website:

2. Sculptris

The main objective of the application is to follow the modeling clay and follow its ideal idea. This application allows you to design the sculpting tools. It is used by both the beginners and the experts or the artists. Its two best features are:

  • 3D sculpting
  • 3D paintings

Sculptris allows the designers and artists to make perfect use of the clay. So it lets them make whatever they want to make out of it. One of the best things that makes them even better is their friendly relations with its users. Import of 3D lattice (.obj) in sculpture to further expand general and displacement maps.

Official website:

3. ShapeShop

ShapeShop is somewhat a way different modeling application that provides an interactive interface to the user. It is quite simple to implement and a 3d designing tool.  It allows creating a 3D shape to your designs and sketches that are created by you.

This is an online platform where the user can create their sketches or artwork in 3D shape.  Its best feature is it allows you to drag and drop the system which makes your work even simpler and easier.

The technology is called state-of-the art technology which makes the 3D forms by using the technique of drag and drop to get the smooth surface quickly.

Official website:

4. Sketchfab

It is an online platform that helps you create your 3D artwork. Sktechfab supports you with the modern technology through which you can create your 3D model, by using a 3D viewer that uses the webGL technology through which you can create a model on mobile and desktops.

 It supports more than 400,000 models. The other 10000 models are:

  • 3D scans
  • 3D printable
  • animals
  • Architecture
  • characters 
  • objects
  • science 
  • scenes
  • engineering & technology
  • vegetal
  • vehicle 

Here you can also upload, share and publish your 3D model.  It also allows designers and artists to perform more tasks.

Official website:

5. MeshMixer

This is also an online platform that marks your talent. It turns out a virtual thing into a  real 3D  model. It can also convert normal stuff to a great 3D model.  It supports all the operating systems like a window, mac, Ubuntu Linux. 

Meshmixer also allows you with great features like drag and drop, creating parts, hotkeys, smoothen the surface, fill the surface and a lot more. 

Official website:

6. SculptgL

This application is based on sculpting and is written in javascript.  Here you can create your 3D models and can publish them. Here, you can import the files as well as you can even export them. Its dashboard supports this facility. Like for example about history, the camera, about languages, and the other extra UI, about paintings, etc.

Official website:

7. SharpConstruct

SharpConstruct is a great application that allows you to create a 3D model. It allows you to create and publish polygon models for a particular time. It’s the best feature that it allows its user to create organic model shapes. The tools that are used by SharpConstruct are mainly based on ZBrush technology.

Initially, it supported only Linux/gnu but later on, it is made available for windows. This application is available for free and GPL gave the license to this application. This is the best application to perform the 3D programs rather than the ordinary 3D modelings apps.

Official website:


Again a great application for 3D modeling and painting software that enables the artist to perform all the complex work. It is provided with the power performance tool kits which helps the designers to complete their work easily. This application is the best in the field of preparing a complex quality design such as animations, graphics, game developing and VFX. 

MARI has bundles of advantages. it provides a user-friendly interface, allows us to complete our work faster., it paints the stuff quickly, it also provides us a creative environment. It also discards the element that frustrates you and gives you peer pressure. It allows you to enjoy your work.

Official website:

9. Zbrush

It is another sculpting model that manages 2.5D/3D painting, texture, and modeling. ZBrush uses the technology of “Pixel” which helps you store the essential information, color, etc. to display it on the screen. It is one of the best software that offers the best screen resolution to the screen which is required at the time of gaming, animations and other such fields. Whether it is ILM or the Electronic Arts all comes under its range.

It is the best sculpting tool software that provides us with great quality models and high resolution which are used in games, animations and other such fields.

Official website:

10. Poser

One of the best and most suitable software in the fields of graphics producing the 3D models of humans. It quickly performs its task and creates a 3D animation and transforms the images to digital. It comes 3rd for providing such content.

This is a perfect solution that is used by artists. It has all its tools and many unique features that separate it from others. All are high-quality materials. Using this will help you create the best quality 3D product. Here you will drag and drop the content on stage from its library.

Official website:

11. MakeHuman

This is one of the best and great 3D online graphics software that allows creating your 3D model. With the help of it, you are capable of creating your own 3D model. It is open-source and is available for free.  This software is the hard work of many artists, programmers and another interesting being that is highly connected with 3D modeling. Not only this the best part is right here you can not only just create the 3D model but you can also give create a human virtual mentioning it all body parts also showing its muscular positions

This is very fast and simple to perform. Here you can easily access the parameters that will help you get your task done easily.  This is an alternative of Poser and it comes up with new and exciting features and allows you to design your best 3D model in no time.

Official website:

12. DAZ 3D

This feature is a great software that is used for graphics purposes. With the help of this software, we are capable of creating our 3D model and have control over the other application. With the help of this application, you can create a human model as quickly as possible. Your digitized 3D model gets prepared in no time.

Using an interesting toolset known as robust, you will be able to create and customize all the facts that I require which will make it even more unique. With the help of it, you can even make changes and improve the figures and models. 

Official website:

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. What should I do to install it?

A1. 1. Download its latest version.
2. Then click on the option to install it.

Q2. Where I can find the shortcut of designdoll?

A2. It will be visible to you in the Terawell folder from the start menu.

Q3. Are these software free or they charge some amount?

A3. The alternatives that we have discussed above, many of them are free of cost and charge no values they are open sources. But they all have services first understand them and then perform task.


This was all about designdoll where you get all the facilities to create and design your own 3D model. Now whether it is a human body or its parts they’re created in no time. Also, we have provided all the information about their alternatives and their basic characteristics. All the apps and software are used to create a 3D model at an earlier pace. So if you want to have your 3D model and design it according to you so you can use any one amongst them.

However, If you are a student and working so hard for looking solutions for academic answers then sites like textsheets can give solutions to your every query. Textsheets used to be the best–recommended website for providing the online solution to all the students across the world. But, unfortunately, the website textsheet is not working anymore. So the students now prefer some other websites like textsheet.

I hope the article has cleared all your doubts and provided you the necessary information available in the market.

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