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Announced online in the year 1998, the Evite is counted among the best online invitation sites. It mainly provides the free services of invitations and advertisement for any of your events. Founded by Al Lieb along with the co-founder of the same, Selina Tobaccowala, the website was later acquired by Conglomerate in the year 2001.

The growth and expansion of the Evite is speedy because of the free services it has to offer and the references from pop culture. 

Moreover, with the free services which it provides to the users, people are allowed to send invites to others for various distinct events and occasions. With the proper use of the Evite, you can send invitations and are open to all the different details and important information regarding any ceremony or party. 

Name of the WebsiteEvite
Site TypeInvitation Service

Checkout The Best Evite Alternatives

With the rise in popularity of the invites services of Evite, there has been a rise in the alternatives of the same.  There are various evite alternatives which offer excellent services to people all over the world. You don’t need to waste a lot of time or worry a lot about using these alternatives as these may offer you just the best and the right service.

1. Punchbowl

Founded in the year 2006, it received a lot of appreciation and popularity similar to Evite; knowingly it is one a great platform. It got much popular when it won several awards for its commendable service.

Punchbowl is friendly for its users and very easy when it comes to the application. It has a free service that permits to dispatch of invitations to up to 100 guests for one particular event. Also, you can send digitally generated cards with a maximum limit of 10 recipients in one single month. It is inclusive of advertisements on invites. It is an excellent website as it helps you to plan and even execute the event. It is also great to send the card of RSVP as well as cards that can be tracked. Also, it sends updates to all the guests through a unique link. It can surely be counted among the best websites to send online invites.


2. Pingg

If you want to go for a design which is simple in its look, then it is surely the one for you! This service helps you to dispatch an invitation to a maximum number of 75 people at one time. It also includes amazing features like selling and buying tickets for events of third-parties which is great for collecting money as well as donations. For your information, the free services are inclusive of advertisements. It is  the only website which leaves this section of advertisement can be counted in the list of best alternatives of Evite! A very popular feature which is shown by Pingg is that it enables you to upload photographs as well as design; which can be used while the process of invites. It also allows you to send track location features to all your guests.


3. Paperless Post

Paperless Post is one of the best replacements to invite people online than Evite. Founded in 2009, it has an iOS develop app as well and on the website n number of customisation options are available. Paperless post has collaborated with many known fashion designers in order to get more new and unique designs for the invitations. It provides a maximum number of two thousand free cards to send freely. By using a feature called Flyer, you can easily share your events on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and even support email, and more. 

It also provides you free access to do many customisations using free cards like inserting an image or editing your design.


4. PurpleTrail

It is among the best online invitations in comparison to Evite, which is free. On this, you can easily get various cards that are related to different events, or you can also develop your own custom cards as per your preference.  Some of the categories have limited themes. Purpletrail has an application which is available on the IOS App Store. It is very easy to get in touch with the guests; allowing you to take in suggestions regarding different venues, themes, etc. The website is straightforward and very easy to use, all that you are required to do is sign-up with simple steps and you’ll get access to use any of the services that are made available by purpletrail. 

You are free to upload different images of appropriate size and very easy when it comes to tracking the response. It also has a unique feature which allows you to customise our own planner.


5. Minted

Founded by Marian Naficy in April in the year 2007, the Minted is your go to website in case you are someone who is looking for some amazing and beautiful cards for wedding and other such occasions. They possess a large collection of cards for the various different occasions.  Moreover, this website could help you in getting your work finished  in the minimum time possible, on several occasions, 10 minutes or less is what you need to give so as to get your business finished.

The Minted has its own independent designers and anyone can collaborate with the designer of his or her choice so as to create and develop or even to grab some amazing information from them. You could also get various other stuff from here, including gifts, stationeries and many more.


6. Shindigg

While the owner of the website is Trisha Logan, she works at a position of the director of creative of the department of product development. This website comes right at the top while listing the best alternatives of Evite.

It enables us to develop and manage the various events according to our choice and wish. Firstly, you are required to come up with a page of your event on the particular website and you are free to customize it as per your will by creating texts, adding pictures, animations or any videos which you wish to add to the page.  You are now required to post all the important information and details on your event page. After you are done with this, you are now ready to dispatch invitations through different means of social media or through mails.

Moreover, the website also encourages you to get a good amount of money by dispatching tickets on this website of Shindigg.  The website itself keeps a check on the transactions so that the working doesn’t become quite a task for you and hence, enables you to work easily.


7. Greenvelope

Counted as one of the best and the elegant invitation service in the context of electronic medium, the Greenvelope offers elegant and classical designs that you can always bring customizations to according to your own wish. Moreover, the website also provides you with the opportunity to dispatch invitations to your people in an easy and elegant method. 

It also possesses various cards of invitation for different purposes and events. It also enables the users to add music, images, animations and much other such stuff, thereby providing a different dimension altogether to the website. It provides the service of developing and dispatching, but it is a paid one.

You are always free to have a look at the package of membership by visiting their official website. It allows you to send the RSVP and is easily track able and moreover, also provides you an opportunity to send a single invite to the whole family via grouping the members.


8. Sendomatic

This particular website may prove helpful for the users for various purposes, starting from business to the personal applications. It offers designs which can be customized by the users as per their will or you also have the option to go for the designs that are already present on their design board.

This website has both free and the paid services, although the free service only enables you to send invites to a maximum of only 10 people.

 In order to avail the greater benefits of the website, you need to pay for the services. You also have the option to either pay for one event or buy the whole membership package for enjoying the unlimited activities on Sendomatic. 

Like the one mentioned above, this website too allows you to send RSVPs and that could dispatch tickets in here and the best part about the website; you need to pay nothing for the advertisement of the invitation cards.


9. Facebook

We are all aware about Facebook, right? Other than just being a social media site, this website also fulfils various other purposes too. It is helpful in sending invites to the recipients. When compared to the other evite alternatives, invites of Facebook aren’t the very best in terms of efficiency and user-friendly.
These invites, many times, go unnoticed. Firstly, you are required to create an account on the website of Facebook, and then develop an event on the same. After you are done with this, you are then needed to visit the created event and tap on the option of “INVITE”.

You are thereafter required to send the invitations to the people you know by clicking or through the use of their names or their valid email addresses or even through their mobile numbers.  Again click on your profile of these people and after that tap on the option of “Send Invites”.  The invitations which are sent via this website are free and easy. 


10. Hobnob

This app is fairly intuitive and you are allowed to get super personal with the same.  This one is a strictly app-based invitation service provider, unlike the ones mentioned above. You can create events as well as group communities through this app.


11. Guestboard

It may just turn out to be the perfect place to collect all of your friends at a single place for sharing ideas, thoughts, and for building excitement.


12. Circle-Up

Though this one is not particularly designed to send invitations and tracking, it does provide you an opportunity to invite others to events and track the attendance of the same.


Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Are we required to pay so as to enjoy the benefits of the alternatives of the Evite?

A1. If you wish to witness and enjoy all the benefits and the services provided by the alternatives of the Evite, you do have to pay the required amount as per the subscription you choose. If you don’t wish to pay, you always have that option and you can also easily cancel the subscription and can change to a different one as per your will.

Q2. Is it safe to use the alternatives of the Evite?

A2. Yes, indeed. It is totally safe to use the various alternatives of Evite and carries no risk for the users.


Now, being aware of the various evite alternatives that are one of the best online invitation sites, you can conclude that evite is still in a lot more existence than it is assumed to be. With the help of such alternatives and using its services, you are easily enabled to send invitations for various different occasions to your loved ones and spread love.

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