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We all have innumerable files of videos of our favorite TV shows and various others saved on our PCs, right? It is one of the most popular activities to download various videos on our computers, especially nowadays. But we forget the mess that these downloaded files can create on our computers and how difficult it can get to locate and fill all of these. So, to help you in locating your files, you can simply download filebot that enables you to organize these files properly so that you don’t end up wasting effort and time both in searching for these. 

FileBot is one such application that just might prove the best for you in organizing your video files as well as your audio files. While the FileBot is very useful, there has been a rise in the filebot alternative which has come out in recent times. 

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The Best Filebot Alternatives

Here is a look at some of the filebot alternative and let’s find out which one of those does justice to it.

1. Media Elch

An organizer of media files, Media Elch is one of the prominent alternatives of FileBot. It is one of those software that are open sourced and it could be some task to make it work properly and correctly.

In order to make it easy for application, you require a software known as Kodi and once you become aware of everything, the Media Elch will just be your go to place for managing all of your files of media that is inclusive of shows airing on television, files of music and movies and many more related stuffs. Moreover, you could also import files in here and these files will have themselves renamed automatically. It is one of the best apps but as mentioned above, not the easiest one to work with.


2. Advanced Renamer

Being an only Windows application, the Advanced Renamer allows you to organize the media files and various others files of yours. There are a large number of ways to select from so as to rename the different files that you have, although it may take time to understand which one is the best from the lot for you.

Additionally, you could also use this app for media files as well as for the image files. The app works differently when compared to the FileBot when talking in terms of methods that are used in naming the files of the media. It actually may become an advantage for you as it may ease the way you standardize your files. But, at the same time it may not be the most suitable for everyone.


3. Rename Master

It is an app which enables you to rename a large number of files with the help of one single click of your mouse. You can use this app on the Windows operator. 

The one feature of this app is that it might look just the most basic one to use. But, it does provide some of the most useful applications and uses. 

There exists no feature of scraping for the files in this app. You only require choosing the instructions of naming the files that you are in need of and can then alter many files in a single time.  And the best part; it provides you with a preview so as to provide you with a view as to how your file might look like.


4. Media Companion

This alternative is like a library manager which can be used to organize the different kinds of files, including the files of media. Moreover, you could do so by selecting the different conventions for naming as per your choice. 

In addition, you could also download details of crew and cast, the details of synopsis and the related artwork through Media Companion. In order to enter into greater details of the episodes of your files belonging to the shows on TV, you can always avail the format of Kodi. The Media Companion might not be the easiest of the alternatives to run or navigate through, but it definitely is worth the effort and the time that you give so as to learn it.

Moreover, you can also use it for watching movies. The only drawback of this is it only works on the Windows and in order to run it, it is compulsory for you to install Kodi.


5. The Renamer

With the help of the Renamer, you could easily organize the different media files as well as files of music and files of the shows airing on TV. Although, it doesn’t work correctly and in a proper way on the Windows 10, so it isn’t the prettiest option for the users of Windows 10.

The Renamer also helps in scraping various information from various other websites, including Google and various other known databases. This helps you in ensuring that those files of yours are renamed in the best possible and accurate manner.

It can be easy to use and set up and also is easy to configure so as to make the most of the name format as per your will. 


6. TV Rename

In order to use this alternative of the FileBot, you are required to have at least the version of Windows 7 or higher. Just like some of the other alternatives, this one too provides you with an application wherein you can easily organize all of your media files, and the files of your favourite television shows too. 

In addition to this, the amazing thing about this alternative is that it informs you in case there is any episode missing from the collection of the TV files. Another feature which is quite intriguing about the TV Rename is that it makes you aware about the time when a particular show will air on the television for the next time.

The other good feature of this application is that it is very easy and smooth to work with. The drawback is that it only works with the files of the shows airing on television.


7. Ember Media Manager

One of the most interesting alternative of the FileBot, the Ember Media Manager works only on Windows and when you have just started to work with it, it will ask you to inform it the location of your various media files and location of the place where you need the same to store the associated networks.

This app will then search through those locations that were specified by you and construct its very own database of the media files of yours.  After this step is completed, you can now scroll through this created database and alter the various details according to your needs and wishes. The app works amazing when talking in the context of the shows of TV and once you use this app, it will never disappoint you.


8. Media Center Master

Counted as one of the closest alternatives of the FileBot, the Media Center Master might just be the best place for you in case you are really really serious in context of organizing the various files of media. This application works only on the operating system of Windows. You always have an option of bettering this already better app by integrating it with Kodi. Doing so will enable you to do your thing in an easy and smooth way. The feature to like about this application is that it works well in a dynamic mode and enables you to update the files of media when you tend to add the new files. All that you are required to do is choose the folder for each file type and then select the naming convention for it.

It scrapes data and information via a large number of sources, which is inclusive of different sites of torrent too. Although the free version is amazing too, the premium version of the application still has a lot more to offer to you.


9. Ant Movie Catalog

This application is free to use and is an open source program which allows you to organize your files of movies which are present on your CD, tapes and DVDs.

You will also come across the Mods section of the forum if you are searching for a program so as to catalog things like the books and games. In this section, you will find some of the versions of the Catalog of Anti Movies which are modified. For the games, a latest program has been developed which could be derived from this catalog.


10. GC Star

It is also a free open sourced application that enables you to manage your collection of your media files. You can retrieve the detailed information on every single item from the various sources of the Internet and also allows you to store more of the data like the location and many others. 

Moreover, you can also look out for your collection and filter it by various different criteria.

It allows you to manage collections of not only the files of movies, but also enables you to organize various other stuff such as different board games, books, collection of music, stamps, the periodicals and many more, thereby providing a large choice for you to manage.


Frequenrtly Asked Question [FAQs]

Q1. Can we enter the name of the movies or that of the series manually?

A1. In order to enter the name of the series or that of the movie, you are required to hold on to the Shift button while tapping the database.

Q2. Can we switch quickly to the naming scheme that was used previously?

A2. Yes, you can always do so. You need to tap on the button of Change Format for this and then choose one of any previously applied naming schemes.


With so many various filebot alternative coming in mind, it is hard to choose the best of the lot. It must also be kept in mind that with different alternatives coming into the picture, the FileBot itself has started charging to utilize it to the fullest and best possible way. We can also see that most of these require you to install Kodi so as to work in an even better way.

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