Want To Know How Many Instagram Accounts Can I Have?

Instagram has become the most popular social media sites across the world, with billions of people being active on the same. The users tend to upload photos, stories on this website by making their accounts on it and befriending people from throughout the world.

It is not only used by the common people, but all famous personalities from different fields, like the sportspersons, CEO’s of the biggest of the companies, the biggest of the actor and actresses, and the politicians are too found to be extremely active on Instagram.

Social Media provides us a platform to connect with the common people and express their views freely and without any kind of judgments. But sometimes befriending many people with different opinions can also lead to situations or circumstances of blocking where we tend to either block another person or are blocked by them. We all have fought and been blocked by our friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends, and it gets really difficult how to tell if someone blocked you on whatsapp.

So many times, it gets tough to decide on the type of content we wish to post on our accounts so as to attract even more followers or sometimes, making private accounts so that not many can witness it.

And at times, even trying to make multiple accounts so that in one account one can post their own photos, while on the other, related to their hobbies.

But the question that arises in having multiple accounts is if it is tough to switch between these accounts?

The other question that pops in the head is if it is worth it to create and manage multiple instagram accounts?

In this article, we will try to inform you about the various reasons why people at the first place, make multiple accounts and will try to answer all your queries regarding the same.

Reasons To Create A Second Instagram Account

1. To Separate Personal Life from Work-Life

It becomes very important to maintain a distinction between personal and work life. Showing your daily activities to your potential customers won’t end up giving you any benefit, or pleasure. The case is the same with personal life.

Sharing your professional life with your friends won’t better your relationships with them. So, it becomes essential to have a gap between one’s professional and personal life, so that you could enjoy both of them.

2. To Take Advantages Of The Business Perks Provided

When you are having an active work account on Instagram, it extends your reach towards the analytical information and data which may lead to an increase of the customer base. You will also be provided with the option of paying for promotions and advertisements which won’t be accessible if you only have an account which is personal.

3. To Change The Privacy Settings

It is true that we don’t always wish for people to know exactly what we are doing in our lives. So, as mentioned above, one can have an account solely for their closed ones and the other which can be accessed by anyone.

4. Maintenance Of Various Distinct Interests

People tend to maintain multiple accounts so as to post content which could be found interesting by their followers and also to increase their followers count.  This way, they try to concentrate on the content they wish to post on their accounts and pitch various particular interests among a group of interested audience.

When talking about maintaining or managing these multiple accounts, it is also important that we talk about the disadvantages of having more than one account, even though there are only some minor issues. It may get difficult at times to switch in between the accounts.

The other minor problem that comes with managing multiple accounts is that you may end up posting the content in the wrong account, but even this issue can be solved in a very easy way by just deleting the post from the account.

How To Create Second Instagram Account?

The process of creating a second account is very simple, i.e. to say is the same as the way you created the first. The easiest method of doing this is by using a sign-in that is distinct from the one through which you created the previous account.

You will be given an option by Instagram to sign in through various means, i.e., either by using your email id or through your phone number or also through your account on Facebook.

You can also create your second account on Instagram through the browser. All that you need to do is open the app of Instagram on your Smartphone and open your profile on it.

You can now see your profile photo or any story that you have posted. You will then come across three lines that are horizontal. You need to click on it and then tap on the option of Settings and then the option of Add Account.

Switching Between The Multiple Accounts

This may be a small issue which could make worry, as to how one can easily switch between the accounts. It is obvious that no one wants to lose their old and precious photographs. But the truth is it is a very simple and easy task and there is no need to worry about anything.

If you are doing this through your personal computer, all that you are required to do is log in and out of your accounts. If the case is such that you are using your smartphone or your tablet for this purpose, Instagram is an app which tends to remember that you have a single account or multiple accounts.

Now you are required to open your profile and tap on that down arrow beside your username at the top part of the screen. Now select the account you wish to change to. And the good thing about this is that you are neither required to update the app nor you need to uninstall and then install it again

Creating More Instagram Accounts

Once you have made a second account, it becomes very easy to create your third or fourth or any number of accounts you wish to have. To do so, you only need to visit your profile and tap on the username of yours, as if you are trying to switch the accounts.

Now at the bottom of the screen, tap on the option of +Add Account. This step will end up leading you to that interface where you will be asked to sync your Facebook account or else to sign up on instagram.

Made A New Account: What To Do Next?

Advance in this account the same way as you did in your first account. You need to have a name for your account which will act as the display name of the same. This will help you with providing you suggestions regarding choosing your username by taking hints or ideas from your previously created accounts.

But you always have the choice to alter it. In the next step, you will be asked to insert your password and for a reminder, do try to have a different password for the new account so that it doesn’t affect much if in any case a password is hacked and any kind of information or data is leaked.

After all of this is done, in the next step you will be asked a question regarding the number of years that you are old.

Maximum Number Of Accounts One Can Have

The maximum number of accounts you can have on Instagram depends fully on the number of various distinct choices that you have so as to sign in. You can only log in on Instagram either by using email id or through phone number. The last option is through your profile on Facebook.

Instagram enables you to create a maximum of five accounts on a single device. When talking about creating accounts in theory, you always have the option of creating as many accounts as you wish to just by altering the names of the different profiles.

But, the problem that arrives with having so many different accounts is that it may get tough to switch the accounts in a single device.

Unlinking The Various Accounts On Instagram

Now, if you wish to have your Instagram account removed which you had already added on your smartphone, you can do so by visiting your Instagram profile. Go to that particular account which you wish to have unlinked and tap on those three horizontal lines.

After this, open the window of Settings and choose the option of either logging out from a specific or a particular account or logging out from all of these accounts.

Deletion Of Account On Instagram

Ok so for once let’s just be honest that Instagram is not a thing that is for everyone. And even if you are active on it, the whole idea of maintaining and managing multiple accounts is tough and sometimes could drain you. Now you can come to know whether you wish to have the platform removed or not.

Creating More Than One Account From The Same Mail

Is it possible to create more than one account from an existing mail?

If you’re making another Instagram account, make sure you don’t use the same email or contact number. Some users did try this but when they tried to recover their passwords, they were completely locked out of the second account when they lost their password. It is really important to have different mail and phone numbers for each account made.

As Instagram suggests, “Whenever you make an account, make sure you use the mail which only you can access. As it is much easier to recover the passwords with an email whenever a user forgets their access. Mail can easily help you to log in again.

Managing Multiple Accounts

Managing different accounts can prove to be some of a task for the users. Hence, here are some tips which will guide you towards proper management of the different accounts that you hold.

  • Remember the account that you are using, especially in situations where you are in a hurry. It is an easy mistake to create or post content on a wrong account. So, see to it that you are using the right account.
  • The second tip that can help you while managing your accounts is that your feed can only show those followers and following which your current Instagram account has. It may be a case that each of your accounts has different followers. Remember that the feed that you are scrolling up and down is only for that particular account.
  • The other tip to handle the multiple accounts properly is to remember that the push notification will come in application only for the account that you currently using.  To enable the push notification for other accounts, you need to open the profile of that account and click on the username of the account.


It can be easily concluded from the above article that an important platform is Instagram. We can also understand how important or why people tend to create multiple accounts. So after reading this article you will get to know how many instagram accounts can I have?

Having multiple accounts can act well in maintaining a distinction between your personal and professional life. And it is very much important to keep your personal and professional life separate. Sometimes circumstances occur in front of us such that we have to mute some people in our life at least on social media. Muting someone is a great way to keep your social feeds a pleasant place to be without flagging to the offending user that they’ve annoyed you. So if you are the one who is also looking for how to mute someone on facebook. You just need to read the other interesting article on this topic. I hope you will like that too.

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