A Quick Tour For How To Cross Out Text In Google Docs?

Hello viewers, today we will be discussing how to strikethrough on google docs? Crossing out text or strikethrough is the same thing which is very easy to implement. Google docs strikethrough is very easy. Here I am going to show you some shortcuts that will help you do your work easily. I will show you some keyboard shortcuts and with the help of the mouse. So let us start the journey.


Wonder How To Cross Out On Google Docs?

There are many reasons when you have to cross out the text in your Google docs. To perform such an operation you must know about feature strikethrough in google docs. Through this feature, you can keep the text safe. It will be ignored but not deleted so that if later on if required this is available to you.

Google docs provide you to cross the text that you have selected. It draws a line on the selected text in any document. This line refers to the word or the sentences have to be ignored but not deleted or erased. So, if you will need it later it is safe there.

What Do You Understand By Strikethrough?

Strikethrough is a feature that is available in the Google docs. With the help of this feature, you can add a horizontal line to the selected text in its center. It is done to express that this part is to be ignored. But we don’t delete it as this is saved for future use. This effect is also being used to add a comic effect that gives a fancy look while reading.

Method To Cross Out The Text

To bring it into practice, first, you should open the Google docs and also log in with your id into your G-mail account. Now, the best simple method is to select the text and apply the strikethrough feature. Follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Go To Google Documents

 Open your Google doc. Select the doc in which you have to make the changes.

  • Select The Text

Once you have opened your document, select the text or the sentence which you want to strikethrough or cross out. Select for the effects, fonts which implies that the text you wish to strikethrough, select that text so that the line is drawn to that text or the sentence.

  • Select The Layout Tab

Search for the layout tab and go to the Format menu which is at the top of the Menu bar. Here you will see the option of strikethrough text.  A positive change will be seen to you.

NOTE: You can directly use the keyboard also for doing this. The shortcut method is to use the keyboard and press Alt + shift +5.

With the help of this online Google browser, you can edit, create word files using any computer, as everyone knows that it supports multiple features through which one can work. Similarly, If you wonder to do a super easy process on how to make google doc landscape you can do that too by selecting the Page setup option & then set it to left or right.

How Can We UNDO The Cross Out From The Text?

If you don’t want the text to be crossed out and you want to delete the changes made then follow the above process step by step and there you go. The text will get back to normal.

1. Strikethrough The Text In Google Docs

Using the Keyboard:

You can also use the keyboard to apply the cross out feature. This is doing the same task as the longer process does. So, to implement it, select the text and press Alt + 5 +Shift. The step by step procedure is:

  • Select text or the sentence
  • Make use of the mouse for highlighting the text.
  • Press simultaneously Alt +5 + Shift.
  • The final changes are right there.

2. Undo The Text In Google Docs

Using the Keyboard:

The same goes for it. Follow the same procedure as discussed just above. All you have to do is select the text which you want to Undo then press  Alt +5 +Shift together. The changes made will be normal as they were before. The step-by-step detailed procedure is as follows:

  • Highlight the sentence or the text.
  • Make use of the mouse for highlighting the text.
  • Press simultaneously Alt +5 + Shift.
  • The final changes are right there.

This is how you can undo the changes that are made. This is the simplest trick you can use.


This was for now. In the above article, we have discussed how to strikethrough on Google Docs. There are two methods that we have discussed. One is the normal ones and the second is the short-trick that you can implement using the keyboard. This strikethrough can be applied by using any of the above methods. We have also discussed how to Undo the crossed words. For that too, we have mentioned the shortcut trick for it.

Apart from the docs, the online Google browser helps users to work with images as well. It can resize, stretch, compresses images. Moreover, If you wonder how to flip an image in Google Doc, this online browser lets you do that too easily. Therefore the functionalities of Google docs are unlimited. It makes task easier & convenient for users.

I hope you are convinced after reading this article. Hope you have enjoyed the article.

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