Discover How To Factory Reset The Samsung Tablet?

Samsung tablets are one of the widely used products. Many people prefer using this product. But we all know that someday or the other it may stop working smoothly. In this article, we have discussed how to factory reset the Samsung tablet and mentioned a step-by-tutorial. Follow it for soft reset Samsung tablet.

Process For Factory Reset The Samsung Table

Here we have discovered what should be the steps to give Samsung tab a reset. Hence follow the procedure so that it would be easier for you to find out how to implement them.

1. Back-Up The Data

As we all know, when we reset our mobile or android it restores the original properties that were initially set up. The chances of losing data might occur. We all are aware of the resetting process. Whenever we choose to reset, the data stored in the android is lost forever. Therefore, it is necessary to back up the data before resetting.

There are some applications available that are used to restore the data. One amongst them is the “Android Data Backup & Restore application”. This application is one of the best apps which is used by many. Through this application, we can back up our data without facing any problems. It is compatible with many androids (approximately 8000 devisers) that include different versions of Samsung. But sometimes your device isn’t compatible with this version so make sure to update your device with the application version to backup all your data. To make use of this application the following steps are as follows:

Steps To Follow To Backup The Data

  • Install The Application

The first step you need to perform is to install the application. Once you are done with it launch the application. Click to Data Backup & Restore.

  • Connect To USB

After doing this you will enter a different interface. Now connect your Samsung tablet with the system take note that the USB Debugging option has been enabled on your device. With the help of a USB cable connect your Samsung tablet with the system. Now, wait and watch for the system to recognize the application. Now select the backup option and there you go.

  • Processing

Once you are done with the above steps the application will automatically start the process. It allows you to backup the data which includes audios, videos, images, notes, contacts, etc. the settings are by default and select the data accordingly. You can view them before selecting the backup potion 

  • Backup

Completing the above steps will allow you to back up the data and will show the process on the screen. Keep note that you don’t disconnect it. 

  • The Final Step

Once the backup is finished you will get to know about it. You can check the data by going to the option of View the Backup.

Now you can begin the process to reset. As the data has been recovered and is safe then you can reset your Samsung tablet.

2. Using Key Combination By Factory Reset

This method is commonly used. If nothing works this is the perfect way to make things easier. To implement it go through the settings and select the option of factory settings. The system may not respond in some circumstances, in such cases, this method is used to reset. Follow the easy steps to implement it.  

  • Switch Off The Android

The first step is to switch off the tablet by pressing the power button. To turn on the recovery mode go, press and hold the power and volume up button simultaneously. But this may vary in different versions of Samsung tablets. Like in some tablets you have to use different keys and different in some other keys.

  • Select The Option Of Wipe Data

When you turn on the recovery mode your android will vibrate again, the volume up and sow button are used to do it. From the above option go to the wipe data/factory reset option and use the power button to select it.  After choosing it, another screen will be displayed that will ask you to delete the user account. Now choose the option of yes and that it.

  • Go To The Reboot Option

Now, the data will be deleted from the device and will be restored in the factory settings. Now select the “reboot system now” to start your tablet.

3. Reset When The Tablet Is Frozen

There are some circumstances in which your tab becomes frozen and doesn’t respond, so in such a situation you have to bring out its battery and then reset it. To solve it you can also use the Android device manager. The following are the steps to do that.

  • Log In To The Android Manager

Use Google credentials to login into the android manager. A list of all the devices that are connected with the Google account will be shown. From that list select the appropriate version of Galaxy tablet.

  • Select The Option Of A Wiping Device

After doing this select the option of Erase device or Wipe device to reset your device.

  • Select Erase

Now click on the erase option and wait for the device to reset. 

4. Using The Settings Menu

  •  Go to the setting menu
  • Click on the privacy options when the apps menu is displayed.
  • Now select Factory Data Reset.
  • Now select the Reset Tablet option.
  • After this, click on the Erase everything option.

Doing this will reset your tablet and all the data is lost from the mobile.


In this article, I have provided a detailed note on how to factory reset the Samsung tablet. There are some cases when the phone or tablet doesn’t work smoothly. There are many reasons for it. But, how to solve it? To get it, read the above article and you will get to know how to resolve it. But make sure that you have a proper backup before you reset your Samsung Tablet.

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