Rectify The Issue On How To Get Mail App Back On iPhone?

Are you an iPhone lover? Every user has a treasure stored inside the mail app for iphone. It is a treasure for all the necessary information, contacts as well as data. You must’ve noticed sometimes the mail icon on iphone not working or the mail app disappears and it becomes really difficult to find it again. Here’s how you can get it back.

Before looking at how to fix this issue, let us first understand why the mail app disappeared from iPhone or the mail symbol is not present.

One of the major causes behind not being able to see the mail symbol or mail disappeared from iPhone is the unfinished procedure of iOS upgrade.

The second reason as to why there is an absence of a mail icon is you or your knowns may have deleted the Mail Application.

how to get mail app back on iphone

The other reason behind this issue may be that you have unknowingly moved the application to another folder in your iPhone.

Solution For How To Get Mail App Back On iPhone

To solve this problem, one could use any one of the many ways listed below. You can use any of these methods to fix the mail application icon on the iPhones.

1. Re-installing The Mail Application

  • To bring back the Mail App on the home screen of your device, first look out for all the screens and folders of your iphone if it is there or not.
  • If the application is there on the device itself, then you need to tap on the icon of the application until it twitches. And then bring it to the location where you need to place it. One can also take the help of SPOT LIGHT or SIRI, so as to find the Mail App. It will inform you if your device has the application or not.

If you aren’t able to find the application, then you need to again install the application. To launch the application on your device, one needs to perform some certain steps, which are mentioned below.

  • Open the APPLE STORE on your device.
  • Look out for or search out for the MAIL APPLICATION.
  • When the information or description opens, then you are required to press the download icon of the application.

Once the installation process is successful, you will be able to see the MAIL symbol again on your iPhone. For this purpose, you need to then go to the option of SETTINGS and then, next to PASSWORDS and ACCOUNTS.

From there, you then have to select the option of YOUR MAIL ACCOUNT and in the next step, the option of TOGGLE on the MAIL ICON.

From there you will be able to receive the emails on your mail & hence the solution for how to add email on iphone.

2. Resetting Of All The Settings On The Device

It is one of the most efficient solutions for the problem how to get mail app back on iPhone. It will provide an ease-up to every single option in SETTINGS which are disturbed because of many different reasons.

In order to reset the settings on the device, one needs to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, you are required to ajar the SETTINGS app.
  • In this application, you will come across the option of GENERAL, where you can see yet again the option of RESET ALL SETTINGS.
  • After this, you now just need to tap on this option and affirm so as to get it done.

Moreover if you want to reset all the settings after formatting the iPhone that too without password then you can follow the another article on how to factory reset iphone 6 without password. 

Once you have done the resetting of all the settings, you then have to REBOOT your device, so as to see if this particular solution has actually been beneficial or not.

3. Resetting Of The Home Screen Layout Of The iPhone

Since this whole problem is all about the absence of the Mail Icon from the device that you are using, it can be easily understood that if you are to reset the HOME SCREEN LAYOUT of your phone, the icon may reappear.

But, before starting, you first need to make sure that the Mail Icon is actually absent or not. After the checking process is completed, you need to perform the following procedure.

  • First open the SETTINGS application, and from there map your way to the GENERAL option.
  • This tap consists of the option of RESET HOME SCREEN LAYOUT, which can be found at the bottom-most half of the display window of the iPhone.

After the whole procedure is completed, you are required to restart your device and look if the issue has been actually solved or not.

For a reminder, as it is already mentioned that it is necessary that you have checked for once if the Mail Icon is there or not. If it is there, then the given solution won’t be of any use and won’t work.

4. Restarting Or Rebooting The iPhone

Another effective method of solving this issue is RESTARTING or REBOOTING of your device as there are cases that the Mail Icon may not show on the device, if it hasn’t been rebooted for a couple of weeks.

It is always suggested to reboot the phone once in a while so that there is a proper and effortless functioning of the iPhone. So, just make sure that your iPhone is rebooted again and again in duration of a few weeks, to overcome such simple issues. The working procedure is quite easy and is listed below:

  • You are just required to tap hard on the POWER button of the device for the duration of a few seconds.
  • And then, press on the option of REBOOT which can be easily recognized.

After following these steps, the MAIL ICON will definitely show up if the device doesn’t consist of any kind of fault or virus. 

5. Resetting Of The Network Setting On The iPhones

We have come across various situations where we have faced problems due to absence of proper net connection or due to forgetting to switch on our mobile data.

In iPhones, it is advisable to keep changing or updating the Wi-Fi or the LAN security code or the password, as the iPhones are more security sensitive than any other device. Hence, the users also tend to come across the iPhone MANAGER which blocks any kind of doubtful activities.

To reset your network you just need to hit the option of RESET NETWORK SETTINGS which can be found in the GENERAL option of the SETTINGS application.


Thus the five easy solutions for the problem how to get mail app back on iPhone will help to overcome the issue of the disappearance of the mail icon on the iPhones. So, you could easily solve this issue by using any of these and enjoy using your device. As these solutions are really easy to understand and perform, one can solve this problem without wasting much of the time and hence, can experience the best. Once you installed successfully the Mail app you can send mail to a single person or group of people by setting up the contacts. You can follow the simplest step on how to create a group text on iPhone & then you will be able to send text or emails to multiple recipients simultaneously that too without any hassel.

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