10 Simple Way On How To Know If Someone Blocked You On iMessage?

Technologies have helped us a lot, we can make new friends, can chat with them, but it also enables us to block anyone at any time. iPhone known for its technology came with another advanced feature known as iMessage. iMessage is a technology brought by Apple.

iMessage allows the iPhone user to send messages, photos, files, etc. but what if someone has blocked you on iMessage. How to know if someone blocked you on imessage or not? Although it’s not easy but there are some parameters to check they have blocked you or not.

Steps To Know If Someone Blocked You On iMessage?

how to know if someone blocked you on imessage

The following are some methods that you should know to find your answer to your question, how to know if someone blocked you on iMessage.

1. Changing Color (Blue to Green)

Generally, the color of iMessage is blue. Whenever you send a message the color will be blue. But if you observe green color when you send the message you need not worry because this occurs due to some network issues.

Sometimes there are some data problems, switched off phones, or other issues due to which message is seen as GREEN. But you need to think a little more when the sent message is blue and is further changed to green then this is the sign that you have been added to their block list.

2. Know By Checking Delivery Status

You can use this technique as well to check blocked numbers on iphone?? Whenever you send a message to an iPhone user it always shows you the delivery report. And when the user reads the messages, the delivered message is shown as READ. But one thing to remember read recipient is set by default. Users can turn it off.

If you observe only the delivered status then they might have blocked you. But keep in mind that users can turn off the read recipient option if they wish to block number in iphone.

3. Use A MacBook To Check

You can even check this by using your MacBook.  If you have a MacBook then you can connect your iMessage through MacBook and then you can check the delivery details.

Here you will notice that if you are blocked on imessage then you will not see any updates. The message will not be seen as delivered. So if you want to confirm whether you are blocked or not then you can use your MacBook for this.

4. Check Your Previous Messages

You can check your earlier conversation with that person whom you think has blocked you. If you are not sure about how to search through imessage, don’t worry you just need to observe that previously sent messages were delivered and their details are also visible to you and the Read messages were too visible to you but not now then you are blocked.

5. Call The Person Who Has Blocked You

If nothing is clear to you and wants to confirm that you are blocked or not!! then you should ring the suspected person. If the call goes with one ring and then asks for the voicemail then definitely you are blocked. But if it directly asks you for the voicemail then call one more time and again happens the same then you are blocked.

You can send a voicemail to them but it will not be visible to them and it is shown at the end in blocked messenger. So you can make a call to them to confirm.

6. Use A Masked Number

Masked numbers are the numbers that are used to check the other’s phone status. You have to dial a masked number of your country. The code or the masked number varies from country to country. With the help of a masked number, you can access the details of the number.

7. Turn Off Your Caller ID

Turning off your caller id enables you to call any number. This will help you make calls to any number and through which you can check that you are blocked or it’s just your delusion.

To turn off your caller I’d follow the steps provided below:

  • Go to settings.
  • Choose the phone option.
  • From the phone option select on CALLER ID.
  • Select turn off option available in Caller ID.

If the call goes then you are blocked. This can also indicate that you are blocked or not.


If the call made goes through and is rejected after one ring then this indicates that you are blocked.

9. Share Location

Another feature that the iMessage provides its users is the Find my friend location. If the suspected person is not sharing his location then it is sure that you are blocked in his phone. But if it displays that location is not available then the cases may vary.

10. Spy Their Activities And Their Actions

If you are not sure whether you are blocked by them or not then you should download an application known as mspy. This application allows you to track each and every activity done by them. You can access their WhatsApp messages, their mails, photos everything.

You will get to know the complete information about each and every moment. You can easily get to know if they have blocked you or not. By this application, you can track their movement.

Will The Message Sent By Me Visible To The One Who Has Blocked Me?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is NO. If someone has blocked you from their account then they can no longer see your messages sent by you. It will be shown as the message is delivered to you but it doesn’t happen in reality. So, if someone has blocked you they can’t get any updates about your messages.

In the previously used OS, the messages were sent back to us but in the new OS, the message is shown as delivered but it’s not the truth.


So, with this article, we tried to bring the best of everything. Also, the solutions explained above are true to implement. If you also want to check how to tell if someone blocked you on whatsapp you can check that too with the same steps as for how to know if someone blocked you on imessage. Hope this article helped you to get your queries solved.

We have mentioned the complete details that you can opt for and check whether you are blocked by someone or not. A complete solution to your queries is solved in this article. So, this was from our side on how to know if someone blocked you on iMessage. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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