A Complete Guide On How To Use Siri On iPhone X?

The characteristic of Siri in iPhones is not a new thing, but when it comes to talking about it in the context of how to use siri on iPhone X, Siri has become more technical and smart.

It not only allows you to convert the English language into various other languages spoken all over the world, but it has also become a more personal component for the users by suggesting ideas, information, news and movies and songs according to the choice or the preference of the user. 

There are ways in which you could use the feature of Siri wisely and intelligently for your benefit and then, there are different methods to set up the same on your device. So, here is a guide for the users that will tell you about how to use and set up Siri.

This feature can be used in any Apple device, but in this article we will stick with its setup and activation in iPhone X only.

How To Use Siri On Iphone X

To set up Siri in your iPhone X, you are required to follow two very simple steps that are mentioned below.

  1. Open on your screen the window of Settings. And then look for the option of Siri and Search in the Settings.
  2. In the second step, you need to toggle on the option of listening to Hey Siri and then follow the instructions that are provided to you on the screen so as to set up the feature of Siri on your iPhone X. In order to use Siri with a locked device, switch on the option of allowing Siri When Locked on iPhone X.

After you have completed the process of setting up Siri on your iPhone, you can now jump to the process and ways in which you could use it.

So, mentioned below are some of the methods which will enable you to talk to Siri:

  • Using Siri By Voice: Greet it by saying Hey Siri and then ask it any question like how to unblock an iPhone. And you must expect a good answer from it, because it does come with the nice ones.
  • By The Use Of Buttons: The second way in which you can have a conversation with it is by pressing and releasing the buttons. On the device of iPhone X or later models, you need to press the buttons on the side of the device for a duration of few seconds and then ask for the question instantaneously.

If your device contains a Home button, then all you need to do is press it and ask for whatever you need to ask, even the complex ones like “Hey Siri, how to get mail app back on iphone.”

If you wish to make a request that is longer than usual, all you have to do is press and hold on to these side buttons all that time in which you make your request to Siri.

The moment you remove your fingers from pressing the buttons, Siri will stop listening to you. So, if your device is complemented by the Home Button, press it for a longer duration, and hold on to it so that it properly listens to your question or query.

So, in all there are two methods to use Siri on your iPhone X. Both these methods and ways are very simple and is a matter of only a few seconds.

After setting up this feature, it is very normal to have questions in your mind regarding the same. So here are some FAQS through which the article hopes to answer, if not all, then some of the questions that have been racing in your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Can Siri see faces?

A1. Yes, Siri can indeed watch the faces on iPhone, but through the iPhone watch. Here are the steps through which Siri can see the faces.

● You first need to open the watch application on your iPhone X and then tap on the tab of Face gallery.
● Under the new tab in the Siri section or Watch OS tab, press Siri.
● In the third step, you are required to press on the Add button and tap on the My Watch tab.
● Now you are needed to scroll in the left direction under the option of My Faces.
● In there, select the option of Siri and then pick the topmost left and right complications.
● In the sixth step through which Siri is able to see the faces, you need to select your sources of data and then choose the option of Set up as the present watch face in order to start using the same.

Q2. How do you make Siri cuss at you?

A2. You can not only use Siri as an important and a useful feature, but can also have some fun with it. Here are some ways in which you can make Siri cuss at you.
By changing your name to a series or a string of swear words, swear words, you can get to hear cuss from Siri.
The other way to listen to the cuss is sending an offensive and harsh text message to you.
The third and the most interesting way in which you can listen to all the cuss is by playing a song that consists of or includes a curse word in the title of the song.

Q3. What is the real name of Siri?

A3. There exists a real human voice behind the voice of Siri. We all have been trying to find out whose voice was it? As it turns out, the voice is of Susan Bennett

Q4. What are the questions you should never ask Siri?

A4. Questions like asking her to call your boyfriend, telling her about hiding a body, asking her to call an ambulance, searching for any unknown animal should never be asked to Siri.

Q5. What happens when you tend to tell Siri hyphen 7 times in a row?

A5. Nothing as such really occurs in the happening of this event. All that occurs is that when you use dictation in the spotlight search, and then utter the word hyphen many times, then your iPhone would have crashed for a duration of few seconds.

Q6. What happens when you ask Siri to charge the device to 100%?

A6. When you ask Siri to charge the iPhone to 100 %, the moment it gets charged to that level it automatically makes a call to the police station and provides you with a window of almost 5 seconds in order to cut the call.

Q7. Have you ever wonder what happens if you tell Siri 17?

A7. Well, if you haven’t already tried it, you’ll be fascinated to know that saying 17 to Siri actually phones the emergency services. Since this feature has been discovered it’s obviously been used as a prank quite frequently.
The reason for Siri phoning the emergency services is because 17 is the emergency phone number in several countries.


There are various methods to see the option of carrying these messages. Siri has made it easy and interesting for the users. It is sure that we the feature of Siri is not available. Siri has been a good method for the users and enables them to perform any function easily through their phones. So this was all about the article how to use siri on iphone x. I hope everyone enjoys reading the article.

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