Best Option For Sites Like Humble Bundle

If you are someone who loves to play and purchase games or other digital content, Humble Bundle may just prove the most amazing platform for you. This website will make you delighted when you come across the deals and the offer it gives, it may just be the best deal in the town. 

But there are various other sites like humble bundle and platforms too which just might be the right alternatives.

Name of the WebsiteHumble Bundle
Site TypeGaming
Best forEntertainment

13 Awesome Sites Like Humble Bundle

1. Indie Gala

There exists no doubt that Indie Gala just may be the most perfect alternative for the Humble Bundle. The platform is easily accessible and you can navigate through the whole website easily too. The quality and the quantity of the content that it has to offer in its bag is enough to make the gamers tickle and tempted.  Moreover, it has an amazing interface too and in addition to this, the Indie Gala also offers a bundle of games at a very reasonable rate. 


2. Itch

Being a high rated website, the Itch can be counted in the list of top alternatives of the website Humble Bundle. The Itch comes with various exciting deals and has a wide range of variety to offer from the sections of animated comics, books, soundtracks, video games and the various assets of the same. To your greatest surprise and happiness, the website also gives several amazing discounts for the various distinct genres of games.

 It also gives various games free of cost from the different kinds of genres and you can choose such games from the different section which consists of only those games which are free of cost. Moreover, you are also totally free to get any other game depending on their prices. You will also come across the games created by the latest of the developers, thereby providing the new sellers an opportunity to flourish.


3. Fanatical

The best part of the website fanatical is that starting from PC games to the Mac ones, it has got it all in its grab. It acts as just the best platform where you can get your hands on bundles at very reasonable prices.

Moreover, it also provides charities as the major fraction of its proceeds are given in the form of charity, thereby making it one of the most loved websites of its kind.  These bundles consist of a large number of games, and hence consist of the largest number of games when compared to the other alternatives. They also have amazing and sometimes just too exceptional discounts to offer to the customers, thereby making this website a popular one among people.


4. Groupees

With a diverse content in its collection, it is one of the most preferable websites for the customers. It offers the customers an opportunity to get their hands on large quantities of games as well as tracks of music, comic books, various e-books and much more interesting stuff.

The Groupees also offers some of the very amazing deals that just might prove very tough for the customers, very tough to give up on.

The only thing of concern regarding the Groupees is that you need to keep an eye on the discounts and the offers which they come up with, and make sure to make the most of it.


5. Bundle In a Box

Counted among one of the best alternatives for the Humble Bundle, this website has one of the cheapest games and deals and packages to offer to the people. With most of its products sold at normal rates, this epic bundle in a box website deserves to be applauded for offering an intuitive interface to game lovers. 

Moreover, the website provides you with a list of a large number of games from various genres, including adventure, sci-fi, fights and battles, and many more. The amazing part about this website is that you get access to the reviews for the games before purchasing so as to properly decide the purchase of games with the help of such reviews.


6. Origin

A platform that is brought into existence by EA Sports, one of the most popular companies for gaming, and based in the state of California came into existence way back in the year 1982, which illustrates that the company has a lot of experience to offer to the people.

Moreover, it also has proved the point that it has one of the best quality and attractive or eye catching interface that it becomes very easy and simple to get your way through on the website.

Moreover, the website is constructed so as to provide the right assistance to the digital marketing and distribution as well as provide a platform for various distinct kinds of video games along with management of digital marketing and rights. In order to have the right and whole access to the Origin, you are required to register and then log in to the same. Once you have registered yourself in this, there are a large number of things for you to explore.


7. U-Play

The best part about the services provided by the U-Play is that its content could be found across different platforms, including PC, Playstation, Xbox, etc.  The company too is involved in the works of management of services of digital communication and its rights.

The company came into life after the release of the game of Assassins Creed. One of the real amazing things about the U-Play which catches the attention of the gamers is the deals and the discounts that it offers.  With the application of the discounts of clubs you can avail the discount facility and reduce the rates of the games further 20%. Moreover, the company possesses almost 400 games in its store, therefore providing the gamers with a lot of options to choose from. 

The other thing that can draw your attention is the quality of their after service as they are known for providing the best kind of support to its users.


8. Green Man Gaming

When compared to some of the many alternatives of Humble Bundle, the Green Man Gaming is way forward in terms of the features it offers to the gamers. The various parameters where you could easily find it performing better than the other alternatives are that of the number of content present on the website, the quality of the content published and last, but not the least, the whole design of the web which sets it apart from other alternatives.

Moreover, you can also find the best content of the best of the publishers, which is inclusive of Capcom, Ubisoft and many more. It consists of a large number of content in its possession, and the list almost counts to 450. You may also come across favourable circumstances of getting your hands on the amazing offers it provides, but for utilising all of these benefits, you are required to pay some special attention to the website, or you may actually miss some of the most amazing deals that one can offer to you in the context of gaming. It also has a wide base, with being accessible to the gamers from across 185 nations of the world.


9. Lazy Guys Bundle

Though the name of the website suggests otherwise, the content of the company is not at all lazy in its work, and hence you are requested to not judge the book by its cover. You can easily find some of the most amazing and top-rated games in here. If you are someone who is good at remaining patient, you could grab some of the amazing bundles at absurdly low prices.


10. Daily Indie Games

The platform is similar to the one for which we are looking for alternatives for. The platform provides you with some pretty amazing offers and deals which allows you to grab the games of your wish at low prices. Like various other platforms, this one too enables you to get games in bundles and at exclusive deals too. 

For a reminder, the payments aren’t refundable. So make sure that all the important boxes have been ticked before making a purchase.


11. Gamersgate

A website which just may prove to be irresistible for you to miss on provides you with some of the amazing deals and discounts you could ever come across. This is a website involved in distribution of video games and also pays attention to distributing games which could be run on various operating systems, thereby enabling users of all such operating systems to enjoy their favourite games.

It also offers digital strategies, hence providing beneficial assistance to the gamers across the world. You are at the right place if you are someone who is looking for some amazing digital based content, especially on the topic of video games.


12. GOG

GOG, the short form of Good Old Games, is a platform which provides entertainment to its users and is similar to the Humble Bundle in most of the aspects.  The website possesses a large amount of quality content which might just prove intriguing for you.

This platform has loads of content to view when talking about videos and games. It also provides the option of turning in games to the players or the gamers. Moreover, you will find just the most amazing discounts and deals that may just prove the right place for you.  You could also have a scavenger hunt for your favourite game across the platform and could always have the access to the section of recommendations which will give you the best suggestions possible if the case is such that you don’t have any particular game or video on your mind.


13. Steam

Another alternative, this provides just the perfect platform which tries to provide you with just another different dimension of the gaming world. Other than a gaming platform, the Steam also allows you to have entry to the software and the hardware which is also inclusive of video games.

It also offers various unavoidable discounts and offers which you just cannot say no to.

 Moreover, the platform also provides various other services for digital rights, social marketing and networking and various others. 


Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. How can we suggest any game for the platform?

A1. If you wish to suggest or submit a game of your choice on Humble Bundle, you could do so by visiting the Developer Resources of the Humble Bundle.

Q2. Can someone sell or buy personal things?

A2. Purchasing and buying of personal objects are prohibited in the Humble Bundle.


By going through the article, it can be deduced that there exist various amazing sites like humble bundle, websites like g2a, and many more that contain some of the most amazing games in their pockets. So, if you love games, these alternatives might just be the perfect place to fulfill your thirst.

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