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Hello readers, as we know education plays a major role for us. Students are working so hard to fulfill their dreams and guess what textsheets give their dreams wings. Do you know that the textsheet was the best–recommended website for providing the online solution to all the students across the world? It is the leading website where you can find a solution to every query. Whether it is a school project or a college workshop all the solutions are right available on this website.

But, unfortunately, the website textsheet not working anymore. So the students now prefer some other websites like textsheet. There are many other options available. Let us check them out.

What Made The Textsheets Out Of The Market?

Due to copyright issues, it is out of the market. The fact was textsheet provides the solution and question from Chegg(an online educational website that is similar to textsheet). Due to which it was caught and Chegg claimed the copyright issue, resulting in the website no longer surviving in the market. The DMCA copyright issue led to the shutdown of the market.

But, to make the lives of the student easier there are numerous other websites like textsheet. We have come up with some textsheet alternative so that the students can find the solution to every query. so let’s discover them and have a quick intro to it.

Textsheets Alternatives For Students

Let’s know more about these websites in depth-

1. Slader

The most famous website amongst the US students offers the procedural solution to every question. Here you will find questions from hundreds of books that are considered the best. This platform helps every student irrespective of the subject. Whichever subject is asked you will reach its solution. This website is renowned in the US. The website provides you the complete solution to your question. All age groups can register here. Whether you are a school student or an M TECH holder you can get complete satisfaction here.

This website is trying every method to take this website to a great height. Day by day it keeps on improving to reach every door.

To find the solution, you have to scan the barcode of the books or you can enter the name of the book, after processing it will show you the desired result. This online platform costs nothing. It is free. This shows some advertisements and if you don’t want to see them then you can buy the subscription that will cost you $1.99 only.

Name of the WebsiteSlader
Site TypeEducational

Official website: www.slader.com

2. Course Hero

One of the recommended websites is right here. This website also helps you to find solutions to your curiosity. Here you will discover a different variety of notes, questions and other study material in no time. 

 To find the solution all you have to type the name of the school and enter the name of the book or the subject.

You can also get a chance to earn cash just by referring it to others or your friends. It is a 24/7 website. 

Course Hero provides you with 250 million courses and what else do you want. It comes in the list of best-recommended websites. Also, it offers you to download any book or study material.

Name of the WebsiteCourse Hero
Site TypeEducational

Official website: www.coursehero.com

3. StudyLib

Another very important website, that contributes a great role in educating students. Here they offer you the solved solutions. By going through its official website you can download all the study material for free. This website covers a wide variety of subjects including all the facts.  Its name justifies the fact that here you can share all the required study material with your friend plus you can download all questions as well as the solution for free.

Here, you can also upload the needed document if you have signed into the account. If you feel the need that it can be helpful to other students too you can upload that as well.

But somehow you will feel that it is a little complex concerning the Slader.

Name of the WebsiteStudyLib
Site TypeEducational

Official website: stuylib.net

4. Chegg

This is one of the most trusted and oldest websites in the market. It shows quick results to the students and thus saves their time. This is the website that caused the shutdown of textsheets. The company is serving students from the past 20 years.

There you will get expert advice that will guide you where you will find the difficulty in any of the assignments. You can also download its application from the play stores so that all your doubts get cleared in no time.  They provide you solutions very fast.

It covers different topics from a variety of subjects, almost 80. But, you cannot use this website or its application for free. You have to buy a subscription for this.  The monthly membership starts from $14.98 along with the feature of video calling costing $30 every month. But you can have a trial of it for only 30 minutes that will cost you nothing.

Name of the WebsiteChegg
Site TypeEducational
DiscoveredJuly 2005

Official website: www.chegg.com

5. PaperHelp

This is one of the leading websites which is helping students in solving their doubts. It provides you with a variety of new-new challenges to students and thus creating a lot of interest while studying.

It also allows writing your research papers. Whether you are a school student o a degree holder you can discover your own research paper.  It will cost $10 for professional writing.

Name of the WebsitePaperHelp
Site TypeEducational

Official website: www.paperhelp.org

6. SparkNotes

This is also one of the oldest websites used in the field of education. It was initiated in the year 1999.  It offers students to buy books through online mediums and prep for the test. Here you will find the complete lessons depending on your school. It covers multiple subjects here.

It’s officially available on Google play store. You can find it easily on Android as well as on iOS.

Name of the WebsiteSparkNotes
Site TypeEducational

Official website:www.sparknotes.com

7. Coursera

Again, one of the leading online educational websites that is the source of education for millions. It offers online test papers and allows you to write even the research papers. It was initiated in the year 2012. The main motto of this is to provide knowledge to all of us sitting at home. It widely covers 40 million learners offering 3600 courses. Helping you find the best possible subjects of your interest.

Like the other websites, we have courses available on the Google play store which suitably runs on both Android as well as iOS.

It also offers its membership starting from $39 every month.

Name of the WebsiteCoursera
Site TypeEducational

Official website: www.courser.org

8. Quizlet

Everyone’s favorite website known as Quizlet has more than 50 million students across the world, gaining knowledge through this platform.

It provides different study material along with the set of all the assignments to practice over to your skills. Irrespective of the subject choice you will provide the best possible material that is good for you. 

Unlike the other websites, we have a Quizlet application available on Google play store supporting on both ios and android devices. Its subscription known as Quizlet Prime is available from $23,88 annually and the Quizlet Go of $11.99 annually.

Name of the WebsiteQuizlet
Site TypeEducational

Official website: quizlet.com

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Did the textsheet was renewed?

A1. The answer to this is NO. as Chegg claimed the copyright issue the website was shut down and wiped out from the market and after that never got renewed.

Q2. Are all the alternatives free?

A2. Yes, there are multiple options you will get that are free charging no money to the students and offer their best material to study. There are many such websites. Go through the above alternative and you will discover many free websites that will help you. although not all are freely available. Some websites are good and will charge nothing.

Q3. Which is the best site in your opinion?

A3. All are the best websites with many pros and fewer cons. They all provide you with the entire study material irrespective of only some particular subjects. But in my opinion, slader is the best website as per information gathered from the resources.

Q4. Do these websites only offer mathematics and technical subjects?

A4. These websites offer hundreds of courses of both technical and non- technical subjects. They provide economics, history, sociology and many other different subjects. It’s up to you which you choose according to your interests.


In the end, I would conclude that if you are too hungry for studying and you won’t know which is the best-known site for you then you should go through the above 8 websites that are surely going to help you to lead a bright career. Also in this article, I have explained why this website got banned and all the other websites like textsheet that can be used in place of textsheets.

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