Pocket Full Of Amazing Games At Websites Like G2A

We all are familiar with G2A, one of the best online platforms to buy games at a cheaper rate. The deals offered by this website are amazing, offering us discounted deals. Many other alternatives offer you the best deals.  As we know that this site suggests to us the best prices, rates, and discounted deals on the newer games. But we all know that buying from this can put you in some trouble as we are aware of its many cases in history. Also if you are willing to buy from this site then you should check the ratings of the seller and first understand all its procedures very carefully because money never comes back. 

We all know that the internet and the web browsers are filled with hundreds of sites that offer us the best and the cheapest rated game, even the newer ones. But it is difficult to trust them all. To solve your trouble we are here with incredible sites like g2a that will suggest the best deals and offers that will help you to find your favorite games easily and even at a good cost. Here is the list that will help you to know more about the gaming sites and you can buy them easily. 

NOTE: You should be aware that you have compared the gaming rates with the other sites and you should also take care that you buy it from the right site so that you may be saved from being thug. So, let’s get started and find out the best gaming sites for you.

Name of the WebsiteG2A
Site TypeGaming
Best forEntertainment

Rules To Follow To Buy Games From Websites Like G2a

  1. The first thing that you should keep in mind is that the site should have good ratings of the game and it should be trustworthy. If you buy from a local or small site then it may take your money away.
  2. Search for the best prices from all the sites and whichever suits you that you can buy it. First, compare the price from all the sites and when you find the best price for you then you can buy it from there.
  3. You should always buy the games from trusted sites.  Some sites have only one seller.
  4. If you will compare the prices before selling then it would be easier for you to find out the best suitable deals for you.
  5. Also, make sure that you keep an eye on the seller’s rating because this is equally important.

If you follow the above rules then you won’t face any trouble in the future. So, make sure that you follow the rules and regulations.

Let me reveal something that you should buy the games on a special occasion because at that time you will get a more special discount. From sources, the information has been gathered that you should make use of the Gamivo site, a new site launched in the market with a lot of special offers and heavy discounts. You can try it too.

G2a is also a good site for buying but as we all know its history, it’s better suggested not to buy it from there. Check out the following list as alternative sites like g2a and they all are great. You will have a nice experience here.

But before moving further one thing I want to make sure is you must follow the above rules because they will keep you safe and secure from being thug. The rules I have mentioned are for you guys. So, do follow them. Moving further to the 10 amazing sites that will help you get more about the sites. Also, the market has bundles of new sites some of them are appreciable.

Best Alternatives Of G2A

So, here is the list of all the alternatives mentioned below. Find which is best for you and keep buying games from there. So let’s get started with interesting websites like g2a to continue your gaming passion.

1. Gamivo

Until now this is one of the best sites on which the world trusts. It is not only safe and secure but also a best selling website. From here you can get heavy discounts and great deals which can confound you. It is the choice of many users as it is the most trustworthy and discount giving site. It offers a great exemption of up to 90%. Can you believe it 90%? But it is true.

This site is used to buy games online at cheaper rates. It is recommended that you should make use of this site at first so that you can get an idea about the prices offered by other sites. This site is a favorite of many and ratings are very high. But as I have told you, follow the above rules before you move towards buying. This site is far better than the G2A site. So, do try it for once.


  • This site is well known for the offers it provides to the user. All the offers that this site offers are great. Even it gives heavy discounts on new and popular games.
  • It offers a discount of up to 90% which is why it is the best site in the market.
  • Besides all the offers it is also a legal website on which we can trust. Most of the sites appear to be good but in actual it doesn’t happen so. Therefore, this site is good with trust.


  • This site has only one drawback and that it asks for some extra customer services that may raise your final price of the game. But if you want extra protection then you can buy the services which will cost you some minimum amount.

Official Website: www.ggamivo.com

2. Kinguin

One of the best sites to buy your games is right here. If you are looking for a popular site from where you can buy games with a special discount then the site kinguin seems perfect. This site has many followers with a good rating. Many users buy their games from here. Not only this, but it also offers you new and popular games with a good discount on them. 

Its user interface is adorable and easy to use. You can buy your favorite games from here as they are good to be used. This company was set up years ago and won the hearts of many. During festive seasons it offers mind-blowing deals to us. So that is the best time to buy games. Do check it out. A new gaming site is right here.


  • Its user interface is truly good which allows the user to buy the game easily.
  • The site has great deals for some of the big game titles daily and sales days.
  • This site is one of the most trusted ones with a rating of 4 out of 5. These ratings are offered by the 20000 customers.


  • This site only has one drawback that it takes extra protection charges from the buyers which are 5% of the game cost.

Official Website: www.kinguin.net

3. Cdkeys

Another great site in the list of G2a alternatives that works similarly to the other sites. This site has a good rating on Trustpilot which is used for each old and new customer. The site offers multiple deals to play the game which are available to us at a cheaper price. It also offers many good deals on Nintendo games, PS4.

The user interface provided by this site is quite simple where you can buy your games. It offers great deals to buy games. It is a trusty site and you can easily use this site to buy games for you.  They deliver the game on their own so you don’t need to check for the seller’s ratings.


  • This site has solid trust reviews. Customers have rated it 5 out of 5. This is better than any other site.
  • The best thing about this site is it does not take any extra protection services charge from the user.
  • It delivers the keys very fast and it offers multiple ways for the transaction.  
  • This site is best in terms of the trust factor.


  • Its user interface is quite simple i.e. it is not so good like the other platform supports.
  • This site lags in marketing due to which its market sales go down and not many are aware of it.

Official Website: www.cdkeys.com

4. Scdkey

By its name don’t get confused with Cdkeys. They both are a different thing. It offers you with a great interface. This site is one of the leading websites where we can buy our games. It has earned 4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, a platform we all trust on. Like the other sites, these sites too offer some membership schemes through which you will get more features and great offers. This membership will pay you more than normal.

One thing that is very interesting about this site is its cool features. This site offers its customers some unique programs where you can earn points. These points are gathered in the form of EXP. Using this EXP allows you to get extra features. As this site is super safe with regards to the trust issues you can use freely without any fear or without checking the sellers rating.


  • It provides great offers to its VIP members and offers great discounts.
  • As discussed, it gives EXP points on each purchase and these EXP points are reused later.
  • You don’t need to check the seller ratings as it delivers the keys themselves.


  • The demerit of this site is you should be the VIP member on this site only then you will be bestowed with all its goodness. A normal user does not get any advantage from this.
  • As this site focuses more on its VIP members only they get faster services. Normal users are not given that facility.

Official Website: www.scdkey.com

5. Mmoga

Another big name was added to this list and the name is Mmoga. This is one of the best websites where you will find the best deals for you. It supports multiple platforms and delivers the keys instantly. The interesting fact is that this site provides you with gaming currencies so that you can buy online. Bundles of great features are available on this site. 

This site suggests exclusive deals every day and costs the best and suitable price of the game. 

If you wish to buy online gaming currencies then this application is the best amongst all. This is one of the trusty sites that have a great score on Trustpilot conquering the score 4 out of 5. It has a good interface. But, from other sites like G2a and Kinguin, this site is far better from it.


  • It offers great deals every day on new games.
  • With its fast gaming key, it delivers in 5 minutes.
  • Don’t worry and you can easily trust on this site as it provides man games on their own.


  • As compared to Kinguin and g2a it has less number of games
  • No great offers are available on its sites during the festive hours.

Official Website: www.mmoga.com

6. Instant Gaming

This is another great site where you can purchase your favorite game keys. You will notice a variety of games that will be available from different-different platforms. It will offer you exclusive games from top sellers. This site shows great deals on some special occasions.

Its user interface is quite simple. Simplicity is a good thing but as compared with the other gaming sites it doesn’t show that charm. The best of this site is it has a good score on Trustpilot. The reviews about this site are good and convincing.

The services provided by this site are great and satisfying. You will like the services they offered. So if you feel that you are stuck anywhere come to this site it will help you.


  • It offers great deals on exclusive exams from various platforms.
  • The best thing about this site is its customer services. It treats them well and solves their problem in no time.
  • It delivers the keys to the game quickly.


  • In comparison with the other gaming site they offer you less discount.
  • Sometimes you may not find your favorite games due to lack of games.

Official Website: www.instant-gaming.com

7. Gamersgate

Gamersgate is quite popular amongst many and it also offers great gamesdeal. But sometimes it is observed that popular games are available at a higher price.  Its user interface is good.  Overall this site is good with respect to game suggestions and navigation.

The best thing about this site is it suggests great offers on the games that are not much popular. This site doesn’t offer great deals on the exclusive games but it shows great deals on the little older games. You will observe a blue coin system here that you can use later.


  • This site is good with speed and security for every game bought from here.
  • This site offers you great deals on the older versions of the game and some of the new games also.
  • With the blue coin system, you will be in profit later.


  • No great offers are available on this site for the newly released games. Only a few of them are available under the discount category.
  • Battlefield and many other big data files are not available and are lost.

Official Website: www.gamersgate.com

8. GreenManGaming

One of the popular gaming sites is here. GreenManGaming offers about 6600 games from various sources. This site supports big titles of games regularly. In comparison with the other site, green man gaming site offers more discounts and the price is also cheap.

Its user interface is amazing. Here you will get heavy discounts on even the new games. This site is safe and secure. You don’t need to worry about its trust score as it has a good score on Trustpilot. The services provided are also good. Overall, this is a good site if you are looking for a great gamesdeal.


  • This site is trustworthy and many reviews reveal that it is one of the trusted sites in the gaming section.
  • This site provides you with a great variety of games that you will love.
  • The best offers offered by this site makes it popular. The site even offers new features on the newly released game.


  • This site offers good deals yet they are not so good in comparison with the other top-rated sites.

Official Website:  www.greenmangaming.com

9. GOG.com

This is one of the gaming sites which offer you a variety of games to play. The sites also offer you to play indie games to play. These sites also allow you to play games on computers only that support Windows, Linux, Mac. The site has exclusive offers with big title games.

This site is good for gaming. But not great because it still misses out some titles which troubles you to find and purchase your game. This site has a good user interface. It is a good alternative to g2a and steam. But still many users are dissatisfied with it.


  • Great offers are available on new games. 
  • The site offers you the exclusive games to play with.
  • Apart from its interface and other facts, its customer services are great.


  • Only limited games are available here.
  • We need to download the GOG galaxy separately to play its games available on this site.

Official Website: www.gog.com

10. GamesRocket

Last but not the least, this gaming site is one of the best sites where you can buy gaming keys at cheaper rates. The site is very famous as it offers you great deals on the exclusive games and also it offers some discounts on big title games. It is good with navigation property and gaming suggestions. It will also suggest new games regularly.

There are many software cards and a variety of software that you can buy along with the games. This site is best when you want to buy a giant site for you. As these sites provide you with a variety of features it is not possible to offer you the best site therefore it cannot show you the best offers.


  • Its customer services are great. All your troubles solved in minutes.
  • The great deals are available on the only exclusively released games.
  • You can also buy the software and game cards for your computer.


  • In comparison with the other sites, these sites are not good with respect to the offers.

Official Website: www.gamesrocket.com

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Are all sites safe to buy the games?

A1. Not all are safe. The market is full of such sites that claim themselves to be the best but do not trust them until and unless you have researched them. Here I have mentioned some rules that will help you to find the best site for you.

Q2. How to find which is the safe site?

A2. Check the sellers rating. If it matches your expectation then only trust it. Also, check whether it has a rating on Trustpilot. Make sure that you have a complete study of the site before buying it.

Q3. Which is the best site to buy?

A3. As we know many sites are available where you can buy the gaming key. The sites which I feel are best I have mentioned in the article. You can go through them to find out the best one for you.


This is it, guys. All the alternative sites like g2a are right here. I have mentioned all the trustworthy platforms for all the instant gaming fans from where you can buy your gaming keys. As there are many items available on the internet it is difficult to choose which is best for you but I can say that the above 10 websites like g2a are some of the best for you to trust. But make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations that are mentioned above.

Make the best use of the other sites that are mentioned above. All its alternatives are trustable and you can buy it from there. Apart from just using the g2a, there exist various amazing alternative sites like humble bundle. They too work in the same manner. Do give it a try.

So, if you love games, these alternatives might just be the perfect place to fulfill your thirst for the games.

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