Curious About What Happens If You Tell Siri 17?

We all know Siri, the digital assistant who answers to us. It’s very smart and responds to all our questions. It is a smart feature given by Apple. There are many features that Siri can perform and make it easier for you. One amongst them is saying 17 to Siri.

Have you all ever tried it? Does it strike your attention what Siri will show on saying 17? Well, the answer to this is it is an emergency number that will make a call to the public emergency help-lines. Yes, you got me right. Let us know more about it.

How Siri Responds If You Tell Siri 17

When you activate Siri and say 17 to it, it will give a call to the emergency helpline number.  The apple team has developed this virtual assistant. When you are abroad and you have no idea about the local emergency number of that country you can simply say 17 to Siri, it will connect the call with the local emergency services. This is majorly done to prank with someone. But it can be helpful too.

Which Countries Have 17 As Their Emergency Number?

Countries like Africa, Faso, Chad, Niger, Senegal, Burkina, mali have 17 as their emergency number. Whereas, in the UK 999 is used. Every country across the globe uses a three-digit number. So, saying 17 will dial the local emergency helpline.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. What happens if you tell Siri 102?

A1. If you say 102 to Siri it will give you an error. Nothing appropriate will be displayed, only messages showing error will be displayed.

Q2. What happens if you say 18 to Siri?

A2. Whether you say 17 or 18 it will show you the emergency number. It will make a call to the emergency helpline numbers.
If you activate Siri saying hey Siri 18 it will immediately dial a number to the emergency numbers.

Q3. What happens if you say 999 to Siri?

A3. If you want to make a call to the emergency services with the help of a virtual assistant you can make a call saying Siri 999. It will take your 5 seconds to reach the call. If it is needed, then do make a call but not then you can cancel it at the same time by pressing the cancel option.

Q4. What is Siri’s last name?

A4. There is a real voice behind Siri. The name of that person is Susan, Susan Bennett. Siri’s real voice is given by Susan Bennett.

Q5. What happens when you tell Siri to take a selfie with you?

A5. As we know Siri is a virtual assistant of ios 10 and it follows every instruction you give to it. Similarly, if you ask Siri to take a selfie it will open the front camera of your mobile and will click your picture. If you activate Siri saying hey Siri lets take a selfie. The front will open and will click your picture.

Q6. How can you make Siri smarter?

A6. To make Siri smarter, go to the settings and open the Siri application. From there the first select which is the best language for you. There are English, French, and German. Whereas Chinese, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Spanish have been added recently. You can select your language and can do the work. Its features are very helpful.


So, you all saw what happens if you tell siri 17. It can make a call to the local emergency number. So, if you want to prank with someone then do give it a try. Siri is smart enough to answer all the questions even the trickiest as well. Try Saying, Hey Siri how to get mail app back on iPhone, I am sure enough Siri will smartly answer that too. We can say the advanced learning techniques have given Siri a greater range and the ability to respond more accurately for every circumstance. Thus Siri is playing a very crucial life in our day-to-day life.

As we know Siri also supports different features. It is capable enough to have many other characteristic features. This article describe how to use siri on iphone x. All the details are explained above. I hope the article has helped you. Use Siri and live a life with comfort. When Siri is working you don’t have to work more.

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